custom paint

Custom colors, metallics, canies, pinstripes and graphics.


Complete chassis recreation with engine and transmission placement.

fiberglass repair

Repair of torn or damaged fiberglass panels. also recreate parts from nothing.

High performance

Bolt on or custom made speed parts like headers, intakes and camshafts.


Recreate and repair sheetmetal parts.


2d and 3d cad/cam design work.


3d printing and design work of custom pieces.

engine swaps

Ls, coyote, mopar and ect swaps.

custom exhaust

Hand made stainless steel exhaust systems.

rust repair

Recreate panels badly rusted and replace with new.

Metal polishing

sand and buffing all types of metal to brilliant shine.

ceramic coating

Heat dissipation coatings and heat barrier coatings including sound deadning.


Complete new wiring systems installed.


Mild to wild frame repairs and modifications.

forced induction

Turbos, superchargers and nitrous oxide systems.

cnc machining

Cnc mill and lathe.

chop tops

Get the look you custom needs with lowering the roof.


Top quality in house welding with tig, mig and ark processes.