Sound Deadener System 4

Sound Deadener System 4


$ 90.00

sds4= 10 sheet box $90.00 per box 

The automotion sds "sound deadener system" is your best defense against noise, vibration, and heat in your vehicles interior.

sds-4:  vehicles with reduced road noise are more of a pleasure to drive, intimately increasing the value. The SDS is easy to install. The 12"x 12" .250" thick butyl backed squares stick to any clean surface and are easily manipulated to conform to a multitude of shapes. the sds-4 has another aluminum layer with a foam top layer for heat resistance. The sds is the most economical and easiest to install product to reduce interior noise, vibration, and heat. Temperature range from -40f to 220f. Proudly made in the USA!

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